Your Ultimate Guide to Spring in Bear Lake

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In the spring, Bear Lake, Utah, is an ideal destination for outdoor activities. With its pleasant weather, it's perfect for hiking, fishing, and scenic drives. The quieter atmosphere compared to summer makes for a peaceful retreat. Bear Lake in the spring is a refreshing escape.


You'll still want to dress warm, bring your sweatshirts, jackets and umbrellas. As March, April, and May progress, temperatures gradually rise to the mid-40s, 50s, and 60s, marking the arrival of warmer weather. Nevertheless, the lows during these months remain in the 20s and 30s.

Here's some of our recommendations of things to do in Bear Lake for spring weather, which can sometimes be unpredictable:

1. Hiking

Spring is a great time for a hike as the weather isn't too cold or too hot, however, you'll need to watch out for muddy trails as the snow begins to melt. Here's some great trails:

  • Swan Peak Trail: 3.6-mile out-and-back trail near Garden City, Utah. Considered a moderately challenging route.
  • Limber Pine Trail: This is an easy, kid-friendly 1.3-mile loop trail near Logan, Utah. You'll find informational signs along the route.
  • Garden City Parkway: Is a short, great option for small kids. Take a short stroll on the boardwalk to the lake.
  • Bridger Peak Trail: 2.1-mile out-and-back trail near Garden City, Utah. Considered a moderately challenging route. 


2. Visit Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Located in the Bear Lake Valley in southeastern Idaho, the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1968 to protect migratory bird habitats. Spanning over 18,000 acres, the refuge comprises multiple sections for visitors to explore. Bring your binoculars and find mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and over 160 bird species. Take the Wildlife Observation Route leading to Salt Meadows, offering access to gentle walking trails that wind through lush ponds.

3. Boating

While it might be too chilly for a swim, it's just right for a ride around the lake. Bring your own boat or rent one nearby. The only rental company that rents out during the spring is Epic Recreation.

4. Fishing

For fishing enthusiasts, spring in Bear Lake offers some of the most satisfying angling experiences of the year! In mid-March, the cutthroat trout begin their spawning run, moving closer to the shore, a behavior that continues through late spring and early summer. During this period, anglers find success using trolling, jigging, and shore fishing techniques. Fly fishing near the mouths of tributaries such as North Eden, Swan Creek, Big Spring Creek, St. Charles, and Fish Haven can be particularly enjoyable using artificial flies and lures.

It's worth noting that Bear Lake tributaries close to fishing from April 15 through mid-July to protect the cutthroat spawn.

Make sure you are familiar with Utah's fishing regulations along with any laws and catch limits.


5. Biking

Bear Lake has a network of great biking trails. The Legacy Pathway runs from Bear Lake State Park Marina to Ideal Beach Resort and is 4.5 miles and mostly flat. Rent electric bikes just a short walk from our place at Firefly Power Bikes. Or visit Bike Barn and try a surrey bike that can fit up to 6 people for a unique family experience. 

6. Visit Paris Tabernacle

Take a free tour of this architecturally beautiful LDS Tabernacle and learn about the early settlers of the Bear Lake Valley.

7. Visit a Park

Garden City has two charming local parks, ideal for picnics and letting kids play freely. Heritage Park offers a fishing pond, pickleball courts, playground, and a future splash pad. Alternatively, Garden City Park features a playground, spacious grassy field, and a boardwalk leading to the beach. Additionally, our guests have access to a playground at Ideal Beach as a bonus amenity.

8. Visit a Hot Spring

Bear Lake has FOUR hot springs nearby. One is as close as 30 minutes and the furthest away is 90 minutes - making it a perfect day trip. Check out our list with prices and details here.

9. Go ATVing

Looking to explore the mountains without hiking? Consider going ATVing! With numerous trails available for exploration, whether you're planning a full-day adventure or just a few hours of excitement, renting ATVs in Bear Lake offers convenient access to outdoor enjoyment.  Epic Recreation offers 2, 4, or 6-seating side-by side ATVs.

10. Relax and Book a Massage, Pedicure or Manicure

Indulge in a rejuvenating massage or pamper yourself with one of the luxurious services available at The Spa at Water’s Edge or Azure Waters.

Overall, staying at the Bear Lake Monster House in spring provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature, enjoy outdoor adventures, and experience the charm of Bear Lake in a more relaxed setting.