7 Rainy Day Activities in Bear Lake

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Summers are amazing in Bear Lake with many sunny days, but what happens if your day is rained out? What activities can you do out of the rain? Here are 7 ideas:

1. Pickleville Playhouse

Where: Garden City, Utah

Distance: 5 min walk

Prices: About $30 per ticket


This musical theater is just a short walk from our place. Known for their family-friendly comedy shows and musical productions that run during the summer and early fall months. You will find evening shows and some daytime productions.

2. Explore a Cave

Where: Minnetonka Cave or Paris Ice Cave

Distance: 1 hour drive

Prices: Minnetonka Prices: Tickets prices: Adult $12; Youth (ages 6-15) $9; 5 and under free. Online reservations can be made for an extra $1 per ticket. 

Paris Ice Cave is Free.


Minnetonka Cave is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This cave was formed from ground water flowing through limestone and carving sink-holes and underground waterways. Admission includes a guided 90-minute tour.

Paris Ice Cave is open year-round, however the dirt road to the cave can be inaccessible during the winter months. If you visit early summer you will find more ice, but it may also be more difficult to navigate thru the cave. Water starts to dry out around the middle of July. The best time to visit is late summer and early fall when the water has dried out and it’s easier to explore.

3. Visit Butch Cassidy Museum

Where: Montpelier, Idaho

Distance: 40 minutes

Prices: Free


Offers a chance to delve into the history of one of American West's most famous outlaws. This museum is located at the only bank in the country robbed by these outlaws that is still standing. Original elements and artifacts have been preserved so guests can walk on the same floor that Butch Cassidy did or take a picture by the original bank vault. Open Memorial Day and closes a little beyond Labor Day.

4. Oregon Trail Center

Where: Montpelier, Idaho

Distance: 40 minuets

Prices: Adults $12, Youth $9, Kids $5

Tours teach about the pioneers who traveled through this area on the Oregon/California Trail. Pioneer and wagon master guides will entertain and inform you about life on the trail.

5. Paris Tabernacle

Where: Paris, Idaho

Distance: 30 minuets

Prices: Free

Take a tour of this architecturally beautiful LDS Tabernacle and learn about the early settlers of the Bear Lake Valley.

6. Visit a Nearby Hot Spring

Where: Multiple locations

Distance: 30 - 90 min

Prices: Vary


As long as there is no lightning, a hot spring is a great rainy day option. Bear Lake has FOUR hot springs nearby. One is as close as 30 minutes and the furthest away is 90 minutes - making it a perfect day trip. Check out our list with prices and details here.

7. Hang Out at Home

Where: The Bear Lake Monster House

Distance: 0 min

Prices: Free


Rainy days are perfect for curling up with a good book or watching a movie at our place. Bring your ingredients or stop at Mike's Market to grab some items to cook up a delicious meal or bake treats in our fully loaded kitchen. Enjoy some games at home whether you're a video game enthusiast with our Classic Nintendo system, a foosball fanatic, or a board game connoisseur, we've got you covered.