ATV/HOV Trails & Rentals in Bear Lake Utah

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You will find hundreds of miles of ATV/OHV trails around Bear Lake Valley! Bear Lake State Park does not allow ATV/OHV within the park, but you will find plenty of surrounding trails. Here's a few popular trails.

ATV/OHV Trails:

* Garden City Canyon Trail: Has varied terrain and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys along this exciting trail.

* Hodges Trail: The trail begins in a vast sagebrush valley before descending into the canyon, where you'll encounter numerous stream crossings and traverse dense forested sections along the way.

* Sinks Trail: The trail winds its way to the impressive limestone sinkholes and eventually reaches Peters Sink.

* South Eden Canyon: Located on the East side of the lake.

* Old Ephraim Grave Trail: The rugged trail offers breathtaking scenery and leads to the solemn granite memorial of Old Ephraim, a colossal 10-foot grizzly bear that once roamed the canyon.

* Fish Haven Canyon Trail: This trail takes riders through Fish Haven Canyon, offering picturesque views of the valley below and opportunities to spot wildlife along the way.

* Bloomington Canyon: This trail features diverse terrain and stunning vistas.

* Sweetwater View: Offers stunning views of Bear Lake.

* Swan Flat Road: Travels through aspens and conifers before opening up to a meadow.


You can find many more trails on the following maps:

* Rich County Trail Guide

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Where to rent ATV/HOV:

* Bear Lake Fun

* Epic Adventure Center

* Beaver Creek Lodge

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